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If you want Nashville hot chicken SHIPPED to your door, my man, my brother and my friend is making it sooo damn good. Jenn and I fell in love with it there and now you can have it in two days baby! He and his amazing family have made some serious waves on the Food Network, Food Paradise, the Shank Tank, Daymond John, Man VS Food and many others and they are just damn good people, friends for life.

Henry Joseph

I should have taken some pictures the other night we used his fish fry mix, my mother was like " Calie this stuff is good. Does he have chicken seasoning too?" Me: "Yes mommy, he does." Her: "Well we have to use that next." All while licking her fingers and smacking her lips!

Carlina Fane

Amazing flavor combined with heat. I’ve had the Crybaby all the way up to Executioner.... increased heat that is still very very good. Large portions also!

Chris Polk

Got $120 worth of Tennessee hot chicken shipped to my house in Cleveland, OH. Great quality. Fast shipping. Came nice and frozen and we ate it and entertained guest for months

Boris Gringauz

Our Story

It all started back in Bayshore, NY in the 1980's. Shawn Davis was just a young man at the time who, like many kids in his neighborhood, had too much free time on his hands. His mother thought he needed a healthy distraction. She thought if she could get him a summer job, he could learn some skills and keep himself out of trouble. This decision would shape the events that would unfold and form the path for this future. Through a co-worker, she got him a job at an Italian restaurant. The only catch was, this restaurant was in Ocean Beach, Fire Island, NY. That meant that Shawn would have to take s 30-minute ferry ride to get there. He left on the ferry early one morning and met Giovani Palmero. He would be taught everything about the restaurant business and live with Gio in a small apartment above the restaurant over the next 7 years. In that time, Shawn would earn his nickname "Big Shake" from the nerves he experienced when he got his first shot as the Head Chef. Today, Shawn still credits Gio with teaching him everything he knows about the business and says he will never forget what Gio did for him.