The Chef

Shawn Davis

Creator of Big Shake’s Nashville Hot Chicken and Fish

Shawn Davis, Chef Big Shake, started cooking in a professional kitchen when he was just 12 years old. His mother decided her son needed a healthy distraction over the summer break.

In just seven years in his seasonal position, Shawn had worked his way from up from dishwasher to head chef. Under Gio Palermo’s mentorship at the C. J. Palermo restaurant, Shawn learned the ins and outs of the restaurant business.

Little did Shawn know that his experience at the Palermo restaurant would prove to be life changing not only for his passion for food, but also the inspirational, entrepreneurial journey he would take.

As a true fan of Hot Chicken, I am proud to bring my own special recipe to my town“.

  • In 1994, he accepted a job with G. E. Capital working in various roles including Project Management and Collection Center Manager.
    – Shawn completed G. E.’s Training in Six Sigma receiving his Black Belt certification
  • Throughout college and his work at G. E. Capital, Shawn continued to use his culinary talents via a catering company that he operated to pay his way through school.
  • The term Necessity is the Mother of all Creations rang true for Shawn when his daughter, at the age of 10, decided to eliminate meat except seafood from her diet.
  • Shawn knew to keep her protein intake at an optimum level he would have to be creative and crafty in the kitchen. Thus, the “Original Shrimp Burger” was created.
  • Shawn’s wife, Robin, recognized the exceptional market for his beef burger alternative and recommended he transition back into the food industry full-time CBS Foods Incorporated was established.
    – Shawn was involved in every aspect of CBS Foods including sales, supplier negotiations, product development, trade shows, and cooking
  • This creation would be the catalyst to acquiring a coveted spot on the highly recognized “Shark Tank” show on ABC.
  • In May of 2011, Shawn appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank giving his shrimp burgers and CBS Foods national exposure.
  • ABC and CNBC has re-aired his episode over 100 times further igniting brand recognition.
  • While a Shark did not elected to invest in Shawn’s business due to the valuation, Mark Cuban recognized investing with Shawn was his biggest miss.
    – Shawn remains in contact with Daymond John
  • Shawn’s Shark Tank episode led to appearances on :
    – Man V Food – 2018 Travel Channel Show documenting the restaurant’s Death Row Challenge
    – CBS Sundays Mornings -Show documenting the restaurant’s Death Row Challenge and other Top Hot Chicken
    Restaurants in Nashville
    – QVC – Promoting and selling the Shrimp Burger
    • Multiple appearances
    • Resulting in product sell-outs
    – Access Hollywood – Sharing the Shrimp Burger story and samples with the shows hosts
    – Martha Stewart Radio – Discussing his bio and Shrimp Burger evolution
    – And Many More