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Clean Pour Boxed Water - 2 Box Sample

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Our Boxed Water is here!

*16.9 ounce cartons

*2 Box Sample!

*Better than plastic bottled water

*BPA free drinking water 


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Conveniently delivered to your home or office every month making it easy to make a better choice.
Why Change to Boxed Water?
It's better for the environment plan and simple. Bottled from Shasta Springs in Northern California, it tastes great too!
Some Facts to Consider:
  • Plastic Bottles of Water take anywhere from 500 - 1000 years to biodegrade
  • Boxed or Carton water takes only 18 - 24 months to breakdown
  •  8.8 Metric tons of plastic enters our oceans every year
  • Plastic waste (including plastic bottles) washes into the oceans and kills 1.1 million marine creatures every year
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