Make Dinner for less than $10! 15 Inflation Busting Recipes!

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This e-book is straight to the point cooking. There will be no fancy "Chef" jargon to learn. No ingredients will need to be shipped from France. I've packed 15 recipes intended to feed a family of 4. Each recipe's total cost is less than $10.00! During these stressful times, gas prices have hit record highs and food prices have almost doubled in some categories.  Now I can't help you save at the pump, but I can help you feed your family sensible meals without spending too much money. Inflation is causing a food crisis and all Americans are seeing the price increases. Sometimes you have to wipeout the old way of shopping and just get back to the basics. 

The first thing you want to do is plan your meals for the week. You don't want to head to the grocery store with no list and no direction. This will only get you a basket of items that don't go together to make a complete meal. Take inventory of what is currently sitting in your house. Start with what's in your pantry and freezer. Separate your meats, canned vegetables, sauces, etc. Start looking for complete meals from your stash, (meat, starch, veggies).

Now that you have your inventory, start writing your grocery list for the week. It's much easier to plan for the week when you know what your budget is. If you're going to cook for 7 days, and your budget is $80,00, make sure you plan to spend $11.42 per meal. The key is to really stick to the budget you set. Get your kids involved with adding up the costs. Ultimately, this will get them thinking like the money-conscious adults you intend to raise.  It's a great exercise to help them understand the value of a dollar. Believe me, your kids will be thanking you when it is time to leave the nest.